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List of Seminars & Workshops Conducted

List of Seminars and workshops conducted

Theme of Seminar Date of organizing
Seminars organized 1.Content ,Pedagogy and technology integration December, 04, 2020
2.webinar on cybersecurity in online Games for Children November 05 2020
3. Challenges and demands posed on teachers of next generation. April,03 2018

4. India, an emerging global power: Imperative for reorienting teacher education.

All the National Seminars were attended by a good number of teachers, teacher educators and research professionals across the nation.

February, 24, 2017
Workshops organized

1. Every year the college organizes an ‘In-service Teacher Training Programme for secondary school teachers’ of neighbouring schools on various issues related to classroom practices.

The programme is very helpful in enhancing their knowledge about latest trends and pedagogical skills related to the teaching-learning process.

In the month of May every year.

2. A workshop on Microteaching was held for the school teachers of all practicing schools and other neighbouring schools which lasted for six days. Demonstration of various skills was given by the faculty members and the teacher trainees.

February 2018

3. A workshop on Clay modelling was organized for all students on campus. Working with clay and plaster of paris was taught as apart of the workshop which was helpful for students in making models for teaching thereafter.

March 2019

4. A workshop on SPSS (Statistical Program for Social Sciences) was organized for M.Ed. and M.Phil. students, which was very helpful for them in their research work.

In month of October

5. A workshop was organized on ‘Web 2.0 tools and their use in education’ for the complete faculty members. All members had a hands on experience to make blogs, Wiki pages and constitute a community of practice for professional orientation.

June 2015