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Best Practices

The mission of the institution is to impart quality education to the students, preparing them to excel in face of all challenges in their professional life. The reflection of the mission of the institute is observed in various activities and practices followed at the institute that are unique in the field and tried and tested at the institution itself. Some of our best practices are as follows:

Pupil teachers are provided learning experiences that provide adequate training to face multiple individual differences in the class room and teacher training as a professional by developing professional skills in the pedagogy, observation, documentation. Analysis and interpretation, drama, craft, story- telling and reflective inquiry.

The college contributes to the goal of achieving equal access to education for all sections of the society. The college maintains a student welfare fund to provide financial support to needy students in their pursuit of higher education.

The college seeks to create an equitable learning environment by trying to address the learning needs of all students.

The curriculum adopted by the college includes a project on environmental education. The college encourages its students to take up environmental - related activities outside this course, eg-Garbage Disposal in Sadarpur, Sanitation awareness campaign & Tree plantation drive undertaken in collaboration with the Horticulture Department, Noida ,Awareness of health and hygiene.

To meet the Global trends and demands the institute tries to foster global competencies in students through following facilities –

  • Use of multimedia facilities by LCD projector, e-learning material and p p t presentation
  • Language laboratory for communication skills.
  • Computer literacy programme for students.

At our institute we attempt to integrate values in teacher education through TL Methods instructional materials, co- curricular and extracurricular activities.

The curricular transaction is enriched with the help of ICT to add a good number of activities foe student capacity buildings.

Converting practice lessons to smart classes for teaching practice session are compulsory for all teacher trainees.

At our institute we provide various value added courses. Courses developed over last three years are –

  • Developing communication skill
  • ICT skills
  • Life skills
  • Skill of community service
  • Personality grooming.

Interdisciplinary approach is practiced at all levels in the institution.

We train our students to deal with differently able students and made aware of the concept of Inclusive Education.

Formative assessment at all levels.

Multi disciplinary evaluation is carried out during the session to give a feedback to students regarding their performance in all areas of development and curricular and co-curricular activities during the course.

Students are trained to prepare blogs, discussion forums audio- video recording etc.